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I specialize in blockchain applications. Send me a line and let’s chat.

“Wir werden von so manchen Despoten – etwa Institutionen, Überzeugungen oder auch Neurosen – beherrscht, die wir aus dem Weg räumen können, wenn wir sie analysieren und verstehen.”

We are ruled by so many despots — institutions, convictions, and neuroses — which we can clear away, if we analyze and understand them

Isaiah Berlin


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“Omar is one of the rare few… A MD with top shelf bedside manners & a coder innovating in areas we need in the health tech space. He is personable & brilliant all at the same time. His ability to take complex topics/situations then break them down into sociable dialogue and actionable solutions is admirable. I enjoyed every moment I got to work with him.”

– Lochlan McHale (Psychologist, ProofPilot Co-founder)


“Omar is one of those rare physicians who also has solid coding abilities. When I had the pleasure of working with him on a project, he was able to transition between sharing cogent clinical insights to delving deep into our application’s database structure. With one foot in the medical world and the other in the developer world, he is uniquely positioned to bring any healthcare software to life.

Those skills combined with his positive, can-do attitude make him a potential dynamo of healthcare innovation.”

– Jonathan Shih, PhD (CEO at Decisive Health)


Omar is the quintessential physician-entrepreneur. Among our entire Blueprint cohort, he’s the one person I enjoyed trading hardcore development stories with. As a member of our track-winning MIT Grand Hack team, while our other docs talked business model and powerpoint, Omar put his head down and built Google Glass code to integrate with our Pocket Sphinx VR port. Everyone has ideas, few can make them move.

— John Rodley (Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder at Twiage)


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